The Journey

Sgt. Mike McGrew’s story is a turbulent journey through unimaginable trauma to healing and restoration.

Over a 31-year career as a highly decorated police officer and major crimes detective, Mike encountered trauma-inducing incidents on a near daily basis. Paired with personal tragedies at home, Sgt. McGrew resorted to self-destructive behavior. He found himself deep in a pit of his own making.

A Higher Call to Duty recounts Mike’s remarkable policing career, his descent into despair, his miraculous recovery and the launch of 911 At Ease International to rescue other first responders from trauma.

“The reality was many of my colleagues suffered from some form of post-traumatic stress injury. It would become part of my life’s mission to help law enforcement officers and veterans who struggled with the darkness they encountered on the job. But I couldn’t save anyone from a life of despair until I was saved myself.” – Sgt. Mike McGrew

Help Arrives

911 At Ease International launched in 2014, serving first responders and saving lives nationwide.

911 AEI provides first responders and their families free & confidential access to trauma-informed counseling services.

Mike saw firsthand the dramatic impact of working the front lines as a first responder. The emotional injuries incurred in service are invisible, but no less real and often more damaging than physical trauma. As a result, first responders suffer from staggering rates of alcoholism, divorce and suicide.

Worse, services offered through employers are frequently riddled with red tape and tempts those looking for help to look over their shoulders instead. The need for independent professional trauma-informed counseling for those on the front lines is evident.

If you are a first responder or family member of a first responder who is struggling, 911 At Ease International can help.

“…When we find someone we can’t help is where it’s really hard for us. And I wasn’t able to forgive myself that I couldn’t help this kid and that’s where At Ease stepped in and it was so easy and if it was any harder, I probably wouldn’t have done it. I picked up a phone and I was in the office quick.” – Sam Dudley, Firefighter


Sgt. McGrew inspires audiences to support first responders in their most important battles.