Meet Sgt. McGrew

Sgt. Mike McGrew’s story

Is an incredible personal journey through unimaginable trauma to healing and restoration. Mike tells his captivating story in his book A Higher Call to Duty.

The son of a respected fire chief, Mike was born into a family committed to public service. Over a 31-year career as a highly decorated police officer and major crimes detective, Mike encountered trauma-inducing incidents on a near daily basis. Paired with personal tragedies at home, Sgt. McGrew resorted to self-destructive behavior. He found himself deep in a pit of his own making. That is when Mike found God.

Sgt. McGrew is a storyteller and evangelist sharing only what he has experienced firsthand. As a cop and crime detective, he witnessed the unspeakable, survived violent attacks, and now speaks about the grueling nature of police work. He also shares his own personal journey through divorce, the death of his youngest son, his eldest son’s battle with drug addiction, his own struggles with alcohol, finding God and his own battle with life-threatening cancer.

Mike speaks about supernatural miracles and combating real evil on the front lines as a police officer. His faith journey is a testimony of hope, finding peace in the midst of chaos and how God consistently equipped him to face adversity. Mike speaks candidly about God’s constant faithfulness, healing power and redemption.

Mike is a sought after public speaker and subject matter expert on PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury). His engaging and casual style disarms his audience and draws them into weighty subjects.

Since retiring from law enforcement, Mike co-founded 911 At Ease International, an organization providing first responders and their families free & confidential access to trauma-informed counseling services. Mike saw firsthand the desperate need for this service within the first responder community, where the rates of alcoholism, divorce and suicide continue to rise.

The mission of 911 At Ease International is to see first responders experience freedom from traumatic stress injuries, renewed hope in their marriages, and find refreshment in their professional lives.

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